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Visit This Food Truck In Oahu For Picture Perfect Acai Bowls And Affordable Eats

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Food prices in Hawaii can be on the steeper side, and whenever you find a good spot that’s cheap and good, you hold on to it. Food trucks and similar joints should be treasured because they provide good eats at an affordable price. If you’re traveling to Oahu this year, check out the $5 Bento Box food trucks. There are about four around Oahu. They offer $5 bento boxes with different options and decorative pineapple acai bowls perfect for an Instagram by the beach.

Visit This Food Truck In Oahu For Picture Perfect Acai Bowls And Affordable Eats

These spots are dope if you’re traveling with a large family and want to keep your budget in mind. Check out this food truck in Oahu for picture-perfect acai bowls and affordable meals. If saving money is on your mind, take advantage of other cheap foods you can find around the islands. Don’t miss out on this cheap hack; this type of thing can either make or break your vacation; believe us, it’s something we all think about when traveling.


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Oahu is known for being the most-visited island in Hawaii, and it has some of the most globally recognizable spots, like Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head Crater. The food scene in Oahu is insane, and you can find the dopest sushi and Hawaiian options everywhere. Stay mindful of all the fancy places; they can cost a ton of cash and, if traveling with a big group, can put a major indentation in your finances. That’s why food trucks are super sick and convenient when traveling. The food is immaculate, and they have fantastic locations like Sandy Beach. Not only do they offer various food options, but they also have sites that can make your next big Instagram photo. Places like the $5 Bento Box Food Truck are essential for keeping things under budget. They have a crazy amount of bento box options with different options like snapper, shoyu chicken, and kalua pig & cabbage. 

A bento box with different food items.

The bento boxes can also be more expensive if you get more than one item. The $5 ones are paired with rice or a side item like vegetables, and if you want another protein like snapper, it can rise to 7 or 11 bucks. The food trucks are run by a local family with over 200 employees. They’re known for sourcing ingredients and want to keep costs low to help local communities and budget-conscious travelers. They cook their recipes locally to reduce costs and keep their menu at $5. They understand Hawaii has rising prices and want to help the people that need it. 

A stuffed pineapple with a fork in it

Their acai smoothie bowls are out of this world good. They come with a pineapple shell with a smoothie of your choice, and can be topped with more pineapple, granola, acai berries, and strawberries. These Instagram-perfect bowls cost $12, but that varies with the type of topping you choose. The one at Sandy Beach is excellent because you order one and get a sick Instagram shot next door. This is a perfect photo opportunity for anyone interested in the food photography game.

A food truck menu with shaved ice and other options.

Check out one of these food trucks next time you’re in Oahu. You’ll not only be giving back to the community but also saving a bit of cash; which works out for everyone. Try out one of the bento boxes for 5 bucks and get local favorites like sweet chili snapper, garlic shrimp, and fish katsu. They also have shaved ice cream and other pineapple smoothies. The costs are still the same ($12), which gives travelers the perfect opportunity when needing a quick, budget-friendly snack. 

A pineapple bowl.

Traveling on a budget can be tricky, and saving money wherever and whenever is a good way to handle it. Finding budget-friendly restaurants and food trucks is another way to offset rising costs, which helps in many ways. Oahu can be expensive, but don’t let that scare you from visiting. It’s a great destination with amazing views, landscapes, and tasty food. Remember, not all good food must come from a fancy restaurant. You can find some of the best types casually by the beach.

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