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Tourists Among Victims Of Robbery Spree In Hawaii

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Planning your vacations is sometimes followed by feelings of joy and relaxation, making dreams come true, and generally good feelings. But this can become a nightmare when you encounter some unforeseen situations that can become bad in some cases.

Hawaii Police car

That’s what happens when you’re a victim of a crime. Unfortunately, this weekend a series of violent crimes have occurred in Oahu, this Monday, the most notorious (and violent) one happened in Hilton Hawaiian Lagoon when two mainland visitors casually hung out. One of them was suddenly punched by two criminals demanding his belongings, his friend tried to help but got beaten until he lost consciousness. 

Hawaii Police car in front of shop

Meanwhile, on Friday, a tourist from Japan was held at gunpoint on Ala Wai Boulevard close to Nononani Street. The suspects were not violent, but they took his Rolex watch. Both crimes happened to tourists, and both happened in Waikiki as well, a worrying pattern when visiting Hawaii, especially in this region of Honolulu.

Police officer pulls over car

Waikiki is a much-known neighborhood in Hawaii, being one of the most visited places on the islands, with very high demand. Diamond Head, one of the most famous landmarks in Honolulu, is just a close distance from the neighborhood (which has now started requiring reservations in advance due to the extremely high demand). High-end hotels and resorts, beautiful beaches, edgy restaurants, and substantial shopping stores appeal to tourists, making Waikiki an extraordinary place. But it’s also a targeting place for robberies and assaults. 

waikiki beach

Hawaii is not famous for violence. The crime rate is lower than America’s average, with 2.5 violent crimes per 1000 people against the 4.0 national average. Generally, all the islands are considered safe, and no excessive worries are needed regarding violent crimes or anything related to extreme caution anywhere. But extra care is necessary for highly touristic places such as Honolulu and Waikiki.

But these are not the only places that happened to have a crime this weekend alone. A man was a carjacking victim on Farrington Highway and Mokuola Street. He stopped at the intersection’s light; the criminals held him at gunpoint at him and took his 1998 Ford Ranger.

broken window

Tourists are generally targets for minor crimes like petty theft and scams. When extra care is not taken, criminals may try to steal and rob those unprepared. But it’s not only standard in Hawaii. Many touristic sites worldwide suffer from this problem, and in some places, they even have signs warning tourists about pickpockets and security problems in the area.

Traveling requires particular care. Being robbed is one of the main problems, as it can be a very traumatic experience and very unpredictable. Besides the violance and trauma, losing your belongings can get you in trouble and steal you from a restful vacation. But it is not the only care you should take on the famous vacation islands, For example, recently a man passed away after cliff diving on Kaui island. Unfortunately, those accidents are not unusual just considering the sheer number of visitors every year. 

honolulu at night

Nature in Hawaii is exuberant and diverse, but it can be very intense. Some dangerous thunderstorms take place once in a while on the islands. Steep hill slides also can become a danger for some adventurous tourists. Also, there are the famous waves and beaches of Hawaii, which can even be considered one of the most dangerous nature activity for tourists as enormous rogue waves can surge unexpectedly, and the water’s weight can sweep off rocks and make things tragic. 

big wave crashing

There are some things to be aware of when visiting the islands, from the overtourism gripping Maui, to the unpredictability of nature, and the crimes that tend to occur more often in tourist places. These are just problems that come with the territory of a tourist-based economy.

These crime news are tragic, and unfortunately, things like that are still happening. Although this weekend was probably just a sheer bad coincidence of crime events taking place, being aware of what can happen and taking caution are already reasonable steps to prevent those unfortunate events.

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