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Top 5 Places For Solo Travelers To Meet People In Waikiki

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Hawaii is a sweet place for solo travelers and fantastic for meeting new people. Since the lengthy pandemic, we’ve seen more solo visitors venture out on their own without fear. Neighborhoods like Waikiki offer tons of things to do and have a groovy, sociable vibe you won’t find anywhere else. Waikiki is one of those neighborhoods where you can go by yourself and enjoy beaches, clubs, bars, and local foods, without worrying about being alone.

A solo traveler on a beach.

It’s a cool place that every solo traveler, and we mean every solo traveler, should go to at least once. Even if you’re not looking to meet a ton of people, you can still mingle in different spaces in the city and learn about Hawaiian culture. You also don’t have to be any specific age or type of person. All are welcome in Waikiki; the island’s culture and people reflect that. Here are the top five places for solo travelers to meet people in Waikiki. Next time you’re in town, check these out and make a new friend or two.

A solo traveler on the beach.

RumFire Waikiki

If you’re looking for something just a little fancy, check out RumFire Waikiki. Located right in front of Waikiki Beach, it’s the perfect place to grab a craft cocktail and zone out. They also have delicious food. Some favorites include the Sunboard Thief cocktail (aviation gin, Campari, sweet & sour, and lilikoi juice) and the Hawaiian Ahi Poke (spicy mayonnaise, cucumber, avocado, tobiko, Maui onion, and a spring mix). What’s terrific about this spot is that you can come here during the day or at night. The lunch crowd is honestly friendlier than the dinner one, but both times are pretty happening. This spot is perfect for craft cocktail lovers and really awesome beach views.

Waikiki Beach.


Named one of the best LGBTQ+ bars in the USA by TastingTable, Bacchus is a staple in the Waikiki neighborhood. It’s a cozy, cute bar filled with Queer or Queer-friendly patrons wanting to sashay the night away. It’s an excellent place to meet locals or other travelers. The bar itself isn’t that fancy, but what really matters here is the people who are outgoing enough for you to make a new pal. They have special events like musical bingo on certain nights, which is great if you’re traveling solo and are curious about the Queer community in Waikiki. Shantay and stay awhile next time you’re in town. 

A bingo roller.


This trendy and stylish outdoor rooftop bar is a mood. Located in The Laylow Autograph Collection hotel, it’s a cute bar that sits above the busy Kuhio Avenue. It’s also an excellent spot for modern hapa Hawaiian cuisine. This location also has a long bar where solo travelers can lounge and grab a cocktail. This is perfect if you’re not outgoing and prefer a more intimate environment.

Hideout bar

Duke’s Waikiki

If you go to Duke’s, you’ve got to try the Hula Pie. It’s not guaranteed to make you any new buddies, but it’s really delicious. This macadamia nut ice cream would bring sailors to Old Lahaina Town. Duke’s would appeal to solo travelers looking to make new friends. This place is pretty chill, has an awesome ocean view, and has a relaxed vibe that feels welcoming to anyone. 

Duke's Bar

Lulu’s Waikiki

Another open-air bar that has a laid-back vibe is Lulu’s. Come here during golden hour and grab yourself a glass of wine. It can get a little crowded and loud sometimes, but it’s fit for solo travelers looking to relax and have a meal. If you make it out, try the mai tai; it’s a local favorite and appeals to every visitor. Fish tacos are also some of the top-ordered foods there. Sit in the exterior bar if you prefer to people-watch or be alone. It’s also a great place to catch the sunset since it faces Kuhio (Waikiki) Beach.

Lulu's Bar.

Waikiki is such a diverse section of Honolulu that it can show solo travelers various cool things to do. Traveling alone doesn’t have to be scary, and neighborhoods like Waikiki are perfect for travelers who like to wander around and make new friends. Next time you’re on the island, have a cocktail by the beach, catch a Queer bingo game or just people-watch on a rooftop. While we can’t guarantee you’ll make a million friends, we’re sure you’ll meet one or two people who enjoy this neighborhood as much as you do.

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