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This Is How Backpackers Can Get Free Accommodations In Hawaii For 2023

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Have you always wanted to backpack in a foreign place but needed more money or confidence? There’s an excellent company that can give you free stays in Hawaii and other destinations, and all you need to do is work a few hours during your stay. Worldpackers is a network of backpackers and hosts who can connect to trade labor for free accommodations. It’s a great alternative for new backpackers or for backpackers conscious of the hardships they or the places they visit face.

Backpackers facing a waterfall.

Worldpackers is a cool program that allows you to find free accommodations, take excursions, and explore a destination while working during your stay through volunteering. In exchange for a free place to stay, you’ll be doing different things like housekeeping, gardening, and more for a set number of hours per week. It’s the perfect way to explore Hawaii and is excellent for young travelers who’ve never backpacked. 

This is the best way to head out to the islands in 2023 on a budget. To become a future fellow, you can pay $49 for one year and access benefits like travel insurance, a network of other backpackers, and security. These types of companies help you get a free stay. They also support the Kānaka Maoli community, which is a great way to discover Hawaii for the first time without harming it. Like seriously? That’s pretty awesome. All of the hosts are checked by Worldpackers, and if you have any issues, they got your back. It’s not a bad way to explore and volunteer.

A girl taking a tour in Hawaii.

What Is It? 

Worldpackers is a complex network of different backpackers and hosts working together to offer free visits in trade for work. It also doubles as an academy that helps backpackers learn about other things. When applying for holidays, they can gain certificates that make them more appealing to hosts. Founded by Riq Lima and Eric Faria in 2014, who both traveled and understood the needs of backpackers and their hardships. It started as an online platform that could help travelers travel for free but has evolved into something more. Now it’s a web resource for anyone traveling to Hawaii or beyond.

A backpacker on a cliff facing a town.

How Will It Get Me To Hawaii For Free?

If you sign up, you’ll have access to different island hosts offering work for lodging. Eco lodges like this one run by Matthew provide at least 10 days of free stay in exchange for 12 hours of work for a week. You’ll stay in a dorm with other travelers. Still, you’ll have access to free hiking tours, laundry, surfboards, bikes, kitchens, and pick-ups and drop-offs when arriving and departing. You only have to do housekeeping/reception, gardening, and cleaning. Flights aren’t covered; you must pay the yearly fee if you still need to sign up for the service. It’s $49 but can go up to $99 with premiums. 

A cliff-diving backpacker.

What Do You Need To Apply?

If you find a perfect place in Hawaii, you’re not guaranteed to get it which can suck if you’re planning you’re dream getaway. You have to apply, and the host has to approve you. You’ll need to be at least 18 years old and pay the fees. If you feel like traveling alone isn’t fun enough, you can travel with a friend, a partner, or a family member. You can sign up together, and it’s a great way to create good memories. This helps when trying to get that perfect Instagram shot and needing an extra pair of hands. Remember that you can sign up for courses that help you understand the program and how volunteer tourism works. It’s a great resource, even if you’re browsing.

A backpacker on a lava field.

What Kind Of Hosts And Countries Are Available?

There are more than 140 countries with hosts that you can apply for. The countries can be the United States, Mexico, Europe, Costa Rica, Africa, and more. There are more than eco-lodges available; you can apply for farms, homestays, and even non-profit, non-governmental organizations. It’s a fantastic way to explore the world and learn about volunteering.

Profiles of backpackers walking at dusk.

Hawaii doesn’t need to be pricey; you can come here to volunteer and learn about the neighborhoods while making money. Worldpackers make it easy for students, young adults, and anyone wanting to journey. Remember that traveling should be a learning experience and a pleasurable one, and sometimes giving back is the best way to take a break from your day-to-day.

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