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This City Was Just Ranked The Most Charming Town In Hawaii

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Hawaii has many beautiful towns and cities spread across 7 inhabited islands. Honolulu, Maui, Kaui etc. may be the most popular destinations when it comes to tourism with a lot of beautiful places around and things to do but there are still a lot of less known towns and places far from the public eye which are equally endearing. One of such towns, Hawi has been nominated as the most charming town in Hawaii by Trips to Discover who made a list for such towns in every state

Restaurant in Hawi

Hawi came top as the most charming of all. It is a very small town, with a population of just over 1,000 inhabitants according to the 2010 census; but don’t fool yourself by what a small city can provide. Hawi has a lot to offer, and its surroundings make it even more special.

It is located on one of the northernmost points on Big Island, which is considered one of the most geographically diverse islands in the archipelago. It’s close to a number of other quaint picturesque towns, making it a paradise for those who enjoy the tranquility and refreshing serenity these towns provide.

Mauna Kea mountain top

The study took into account an element that is usually difficult to measure. Some aspects of tourism may be subjective and can vary from each person’s perception of what’s good and not. But being charming can be a little less subjective than other aspects. If a city has some unique and attractive elements (including architecture, entertainment and many others), that makes it so unique to the point where it’s instantly recognizable.

Kohala historical monuments beach

And that’s the case with Hawi. It is a hub for local artists who take this peaceful vibe as an inspiration to their work so the streets are filled with exceptional artists selling every type of artisanal products such as handcrafted jewelry in the most charming stores possible. Not only that but painters also have their space for sharing the most stunning pieces of art in some art galleries spread across the town. Make some time to visit  the Tiffany’s Art Gallery which consists of beautiful artworks created by Hawaii’s master artists.

Volcano flames

Art is not the only special thing going on in Hawi. As in most of the archipelago, the tropical climate favors the rain, making it possible to expect some very unique scenery. green and lush rainforests are some of the views you can expect while traveling around the region. This region is all about greeny roads, most notably the famous Kohala Mountain Road, that takes you directly to Hawi. Some scenic infinite lush green pasture lands close to the Kohala Mountain are just some of the scenes you may encounter while traveling along this road.

Hawi seen from above

Hawi also has some fantastic food experiences. Restaurants serving some local food may surprise you with some spectacular dishes you haven’t tried before. Also, every Saturday, Hawi hosts a food street market with fresh and locally grown products. It’s a chance to really experience what locals eat and even to spare some money, as small towns are generally way cheaper than bigger cities.

Also these lesser known towns and all its monuments, parks and attractions don’t need reservations and are not suffering from over tourism, unlike Diamond Head that will soon need reservations up to 14 ahead to visit.

Grassy fields near Hawi

The big island is very diverse. It’s all about different landscapes. There are 2 very prominent mountains on the island: Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. Both are only a few feet in height difference, but Mauna Kea takes the top as the highest point in Hawaii and some experts name it as the highest or second mountain in the world in dry prominence, depending on the criteria. Its peak is at 4.207,3 m (13,803 feet) above sea level. With this altitude, lots of landscapes can be seen from the rainforests at the bottom to snow at the top. 

A variety of attractions can be seen on the Big Island. Hawi holds a special place as a very cozy, local and charming town but there’s also lots of stunning valleys like the Waipio Valley, volcanic lava meeting the ocean, mountain tops and waterfalls. As it’s the third biggest island in the Polynesia region, it comes as no surprise that there are so many things to see and do, making this island a very special one. 

It’s a totally different reality from cities like Honolulu, where prices are skyrocketing and food can get really expensive, but it seems that the hole Hawaii is getting more and more expensive everyday, as it is now considered the most expensive state to live in 2022.

Going to Hawi or another small towns in the archipelago can be a great alternative visit to Hawaii, in which you will see hidden gems for cheaper, without nearly as many crowds and also help ease the archipelagos struggle with over-tourism, while injecting money into the small communities and local businesses of these small villages.

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