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The Ultimate Brunch Spot In Waikiki To Film Your Perfect Viral TikTok Video

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Brunches in Hawaii are well-known, and the ones in Waikiki are the best. You get a mix of beaches, good food, and unique cocktails. Places like WESTMAN Cafe + Lounge make brunches super fun any day of the week. WESTMAN Cafe + Lounge opened last November, and it is already becoming the best spot for brunch. This is the ultimate brunch spot in Waikiki to film your perfect viral TikTok video. Social media is going crazy for this cafe, and for a good reason.

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The restaurant is impressive, and the food is fantastic. Not only that, the customer service is incredible. People can’t stop talking about this place, and we wanted to let you know. It’s trendy and perfect to come and eat with friends but also a place to go and shoot your next TikTok video. There’s nothing about this place that will not become viral. Next time you’re in Waikiki, check out this snazzy spot.

As mentioned, WESTMAN Cafe + Lounge opened last November, quickly becoming the next hot brunch spot in Waikiki. Waikiki is known for having some great brunch restaurants, with over 59 just in the neighborhood alone. That makes standing out extremely difficult. You not only have to compete with your neighbor, but you also have to be different enough to create a presence. This makes the neighborhood pretty competitive, but we already got the hint that WESTMAN Cafe + Lounge is up for the job and leading the pack. 

Located on Beach Walk and created with the incentive to provide a cozy atmosphere with good food and drinks, WESTMAN Cafe + Lounge is part of the Diamond Dining group that has produced other restaurants in the area like Buho Cocina y Cantina and Fukurou. The food is on another level, though. Dishes like the Wagyu Oxtail Soup (oxtail, ginger, cilantro, peanuts, and brown rice) are knocking people’s socks off and creating waves in social media. 

Other options like the Big Island Soufflé Pancake (three mochiko soufflé pancakes, bananas, and homemade cream cheese) are so fluffy they almost melt in your mouth. The pancakes are a brunch TikTok video necessity, and giving them a little wiggle is encouraged. Since you’re in Hawaii, you must try the Smoked Salmon Toast (smoked salmon, yogurt, cream cheese, cucumber, dill, caper, beets, brioche, mixed greens, pistachio herb oil, and fruits). Each bite will feel like you’re stepping into the ocean. These salmons come from the North Pacific Ocean and are a local favorite for their flavor. Make sure to get a good video before you devour them entirely. 

Day drinking and brunch are like twins, and you kind of have to do both while you’re there. Cocktail favorites include the Lady lychee mojito (sake, lychee, mint, lime juice, and watermelon). How delicious does that sound? Another great cocktail is the Yuzu spritz (mionetto, Aperol, yuzu extract, lemongrass syrup, and soda water). Anything with lemongrass and yuzu is pretty delicious. What will pop out on video is the Beachwalk mai tai (flor de cana, whaler’s dark rum, lime juice, dry curacao, and a mai tai mix.) On top of being delicious, it has a really fabulous stage presence. 

Don’t get too distracted by all the food and drinks, this spot’s ambiance adds a whole other vibe to your TikTok. Sick light wood paneling covers most of the dining area’s walls, giving it a woodsy beach shack vibe we can all appreciate. The chairs and tables are spread out, and the floor is covered in a cool tile that covers most of it. There’s even an outdoor eating area with a super cute street view. It’s a dope spot to sit, enjoy food, a cocktail, and people-watch. Yuya Yamanaka, who has and still does work for other Diamond Dining properties, is the creator of all these delectable foods and cocktails.

The next time you’re in Waikiki and want to get some good content for your TikTok, check out WESTMAN Cafe + Lounge. They may be the new kid on the block, but they sure are racking up some good points with eaters and social media mavens in Hawaii and beyond. 

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