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The Top 5 Vegan Restaurants With An Ocean View in Honolulu

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Finding a restaurant with a good view can be challenging, and finding an excellent vegan restaurant with a fancy view can be even more of an issue. Honolulu is known for being naturally beautiful, and most plant-based eateries have great food. Still, they are not known well for their views. Vegan spots are close to the beach, and scenic views and plant-based eaters deserve a fancy backdrop whenever they’re chowing down.

Ocean Front Vegan Dining Restaurant

Plant-based eating has become increasingly popular over the years as more people look for ways to eat more healthily in an environmentally conscious way. Luckily, Honolulu has taken notice, and more and more options for plant-based eaters are popping up every day. While these restaurants are not all strictly plant-based, each of them has enough options to satisfy any vegetarian or vegan.

This list of the top 5 vegan restaurants with an ocean view will give some great options for the next time you’re in Honolulu:

Vegan dish made from eggplant

Barefoot Beach Cafe

This cafe is literally on the beach, so you’ll get a good ocean view no matter your seat. If the weather is right, it’s the perfect place to hang out with a few friends while enjoying good food. A good portion of their menu is devoted to plant-based options. Try out Sakara’s Vegan Burger. It was voted the best plant-based burger in Hawaii by Peta. It has cashew cream sauce topped with sweet potato fries or mixed greens. This spot should be on everybody’s list to try out at least once. 

Vegan dish with chopsticks.

Badass Burgers

While this spot is not directly waterfront, their food truck travels all around the island, so check out their Instagram for updates. Some locations might be ocean-front throughout the week. What makes this place unique is its unlimited vegan menu. Check out their Hammah Burgersteak, a plant-based twist on a local Hawaiian dish. No matter what you get from this place, it’ll be good. It’s known to be a local favorite and an undiscovered gem. Another recommended dish is the Sweet Ass Korean Chick’n Plate. It’s made with rice, 3-4 pieces of Korean chickʻn dipped in a special sauce, and potato salad, garnished with green onion and sesame seeds and featuring “Galactic Acid” kimchi.

Two Vegan burgers on a plate


Azure is a gorgeous restaurant right on the beach with incredible views of the beach and ocean right from your dining table. The restaurant is inside The Royal Hawaiian hotel, so if it’s one of your favorites, consider staying on-site! Some dishes may have cheese, but you should be able to order your meal vegan-friendly. We suggest the Poached Heart of Palm for a truly delectable dinner. If you have any concerns before visiting, make sure to call ahead and ask about any changes or substitutions on the menu.

Vegan soup in a bowl on a table

The Sunrise Shack

Located throughout the big island, The Sunrise Shack is a favorite. What makes this place incredible is its laid-back approach to food, and most everything on its menu is vegan. Try out the Monkey Smoothie Bowl. It’s made with bananas, coconut cream, peanut butter, almond milk, dates, cinnamon, coconut oil, and so much more. It’s one of those things you try once, and it becomes your go-to forever. Another fan-favorite of The Sunrise Shack is their bullet coffee. It’s all organic and the perfect pick-me-up for anyone needing an upper. Did we mention it’s also delicious? 

A jogger with a smoothie on the beach.

Eggs’ n Things – Waikiki Beach 

Despite the name, Eggs’ n Things has a lot more than just eggs on its menu. One of the most popular things people like on the menu is the Açaí bowl, which pairs perfectly with the beachside vibe. This is a great spot to come enjoy breakfast by the beach with the whole family. Kids especially love the pancakes topped with fresh fruit and chocolate.

Acai bowl made with colorful fruit

Vegan restaurant options in Honolulu continue to grow but only a few come with inspiring ocean views. If you have made it all the way to Honolulu for vacation, you might as well treat yourself to the best as you never know the next time you’ll be back.

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