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The Top 5 Places For Solo Travelers To Get A Drink In Honolulu

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Solo travel is becoming more popular by the day, and we’re seeing more and more travelers hoping to expand their horizons beyond the typical tourist hotspots. But one of the tough things about solo travel is dealing with loneliness during your trip. What better way to solve that problem than grabbing a drink with some yet-to-be-met friends? If you’re headed to beautiful Honolulu alone this season, you should check out these spots that are absolutely perfect for solo travelers.

Girl Meeeting new friends at bar

Everything from dive bars in Chinatown that opened in the 1930s to fancy rooftops in Waikiki with killer views of the city and the Pacific beaches are on this list. It’s made for solo explorers who want to have a drink and maybe meet someone too.

Check out the top five places for solo travelers to drink in Honolulu: 

A bar by the beach with some patrons.


Workplay is the perfect place for you to make a new bestie. Located in the trendy Kaka’ako neighborhood, it’s mostly a concert venue but doubles as a bar and restaurant. If sitting on a couch isn’t your thing, head to the bar and try their whiskey library. If you want to get some fresh air, check out their outdoor space. It’s a comfortable spot for you to relax and enjoy the weather. What shines here is the concert venue. Pull up a chair and enjoy whoever is performing for the night. The location is also perfect for jumping around bars in the neighborhood. 

Bartender Making Drinks

SKY Waikiki Raw & Bar

If you’re traveling solo and want to get a little fancy, check out SKY. The views off of this rooftop bar are incredible, and if you’re looking for a spot to meet people, this is it. The bar is pretty large, so it will take a little while to bump shoulders with anyone. Go outside if you get impatient, where you’ll be greeted by picture-perfect views of the Pacific and the city. The white open-air lounge is probably one of the nicest bars in the Waikiki neighborhood. Considering the stylish area, that’s saying a lot.  

A rooftop bar patron smiling.

Smith’s Union Bar

Smith’s Union Bar is the type of place you go to relax by the bar and have a beer. The bar is dark and grungy, but don’t let that scare you away; this dive bar is one of the best places for solo travelers in Chinatown. Since it was opened in the 1930s, there is a ton of history here, and it’s the perfect place to learn a little more about Honolulu. Make sure you check out the walls while you’re there; they’re covered in World War II memorabilia and photos. This is the best place to go by yourself and explore a different side of Honolulu. 

Honolulu Dive bar

Blind Ox

Is a speakeasy more your vibe? The perfect place for you, then, is The Blind Ox. It feels exclusive, it’s low-lit, and they serve incredible cocktails. Grab a seat by the bar or make yourself comfortable in one of the leather lounge chairs. If you’re not impressed by the use of wallpaper while inside, check out the outdoor space. It has a vaudeville-like vibe that will bring out creative types of people for you to meet. They also have a great menu for tapas. We recommend the 24K Gold Popcorn Chicken. It’s a good way to make your friends jealous on Instagram. 

A tiki drink smoking.


If you’re looking for a nightclub with great drinks and excellent performers, check NextDoor in Chinatown. Pregame at Smith’s Union Bar and then head over here for a place you can dance all night. Another great addition to this spot is that it’s locally owned and has a hand in supporting the community with different fundraisers and events. The venue is the perfect size for a nightclub, not too big to get lost in and not too small that you’re breathing partners with everyone. It’s the type of place you stand with a beer and enjoy people-watching.

A DJ playing for a crowd inside a nightclub.

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