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The Best Surfing Schools That Are Open Year Round In Oahu

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Any season in Hawaii is the perfect time to pick up surfing, regardless of age or skill level. From someone reaching their teens to another person celebrating a silver milestone, there is always time to pick a sturdy wave, bro. Did we mention that Oahu is the perfect place to do it?

With more than 125 beaches, Oahu is also known as the ‘Gathering Place’, and is the ideal spot to learn how to surf. It’s also very family-friendly, so taking the young ones out there is highly encouraged. Most teachers say that young ones under eight are the perfect students because they don’t have many fears like adults.

Two surfers holding surf boards looking out at the ocean

Lessons can range from private to group ones, but the best part of learning to surf in Oahu is that you can do it any time of the year. The island’s weather makes it the perfect place to learn a new skill, and who doesn’t like to say they learned how to surf in Hawaii?

Surfing was brought to Hawaii from Polynesia sometime around AD 400 and has been popular in the United States since the 1800s. Check out this list of the best all-year surfing schools in Oahu. 

A surfer looking out towards the beach.

North Shore Ohana School of Surfing

Located on The North Shore, this surfing school is one of the best on the island. It’s open during the winter and summer and is known for being affordable. A 2-hour group lesson will run you about $75, and anyone eight and up can join in. The school is one of the only locally owned surfing schools on the Seven Mile Miracle Coast in Oahu and guarantees you’ll stand up at least once on a surfboard, making them a great choice for beginners. You have to check them out if you want to learn to surf in Hawaii!

A surfer catching a wave.

Surf Hawaii Surf School

Run by lifeguard Edison de Paula, the Surf Hawaii Surf School has been running for over a decade. Having lived on the North Shore for about 33 years, Edison has crafted his experience as a lifeguard and surfer (from Brazil) into creating a safe space for any future surfer. Prices for private lessons are higher but available throughout the year with no calendar gaps. They make sure you only partially wipe out here. 

An instructor giving a lesson.

Go Nuts Hawaii

Surfing can be a good stress reliever and relaxer. If you’re looking to rent a board or take a group lesson, Go Nuts Hawaii Surf Rentals & Surf Lessons is the place to do it. You’ll be surfing the waves at Puaʻena Point Beach Park, where no seasons exist except sunshine. Hang ten with Go Nuts and learn a new skill this year. Puaʻena Point Beach Park is known as the perfect spot for new surfers. 

A female surfer looking out towards the beach.

Sunset Suzy

With 284 mostly five-star reviews on Tripadvisor, it’s no surprise Sunset Suzy is a pretty good surfing school. Available year-round with some select dates blacked out, Suzy can cater to private, group, and semi-private lessons. The school (according to Tripadvisor) is also considered one of the top ten outdoor things to do in Haleiwa. 

A giant wave being ridden by a surfer.

808 Surf School

You can’t go wrong with a surf school that surfs with dogs. 808 Surf School is run by Mike, a World Surf League competitor, who has taught for the last decade. This all-year-round school has many different types of lessons, but what sets them apart is their ability to work with surfers with disabilities. Surfing can have great benefits for people with physical and cognitive disabilities. Finding any school that helps is a gem.  

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