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Rent A Car From Hawaii Locals Using These Apps And Save Big

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Renting a car can often be a hassle, and those surprise fees can be killer. What’s worse is that the money going into a rental car company doesn’t benefit the local communities and sometimes worsens things. Next time you’re traveling to Hawaii, think about what your footprint is leaving behind. Anything from hotel choice to where you eat and drink can help or hinder a community. Car rental companies are evolving, and some of them are even locally based in Hawaii. Check out this list of different car share programs on the other islands. It’s quick and easy and won’t cost you an arm or a leg. Rates can be $200 to $300 less than you usually pay. Travel safe and smart this season. 

Turo application on beach hawaii

Turo In Hawaii

Beginning in 2010 under RelayRides, Turo was one of the first person-to-person car rental companies on the scene. On Turo, anyone with a driveable car can rent it and keep some of the sales. This works as a great alternative to car rental companies. Turo allows you to pick the type of car you want (it has a pretty big inventory) and the time/date you want to pick it up. You don’t have to fill out tons of paperwork; you only need your license and a valid phone number.

Turo application on phone next to car.

Turo works in Honolulu, Maui, and Kona; whether you are looking for a quick ride or a longer rental, you’ll be able to find either. Some of the cars on the app can be older, so be careful when making your selection, and be sure to check out the reviews of the vehicle before renting.

People driving near the beach hawaii

Mahalo Car Share

Located on Oahu, Hawaii, Mahalo Car Share is an easy rental car program directly giving back to the community. You can get a car for $10 an hour or $60 a day, much cheaper than any rental company on the island. It also has an easy sign-up sheet which is all online, giving you a quick pick-up. Most cars are in BYU-Hawai’i Campus or the airport, and each reservation contains roadside help, insurance, and unlimited mileage.

Someone driving in hawaii

You must have your own insurance before signing up, though. The great part is you can get a car for an hour or more. If you’re wandering for a few hours, you don’t have to worry about renting it all day. This can save money and time since most car rental companies don’t offer that service. You can pick up your car with the owner and get going in less than 30 minutes, saving massive amounts of time. This is a win for everyone!

Using an application to unlock your car. in hawaii

Getaround In Hawaii

This shareable application lets you rent a car entirely digitally, and it’s great if you don’t want to deal with anyone. It is basically an application you download on your phone, put all your information (driver’s license, etc.), and then pick a car. The service is only in Honolulu, but we know it will expand soon. If you’re interested in sharing your car, it’s an easy setup. They even give you a bonus for listing your car. While prices may be cheaper than Mahalo Car Share, having choices is fantastic. 

Getaround parking spot.

Hui Car Share

Found in Waikiki Beach, Downtown Honolulu, and Kakaako, Hui Car Share is a perfect option for travelers who want to use it while vacationing. They don’t charge a monthly fee if you sign up, which is great if you only travel to the islands once or temporarily. Like the other options, signing up and checking out their inventory is easy. They usually charge $12 an hour for a car like a Toyota Prius, but rates can go up to $125.50 for the whole day. Their inventory is a little limited but can include a good assortment. Cars for rent include Toyota RAV4, Lexus NX & UX, and sedans like Toyota Corollas or Prius.

Hui Car Share Bumper Sticker.

Next time you’re checking out the islands, look over these car-sharing programs. It can save you time and money and give back to the community by renting from locals. Giving back doesn’t have to be complicated. These companies make it easy for every kind of traveler, no matter the wallet size. One crucial part of this is that you can even skip out on waiting in lines that are always super long at a car-rental company.

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