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Hawaiii Experts Are Predicting Recent Wave Of Covid To Peak This June

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According to specialists, Hawaii may reach a peak of covid – 19 infections in June this year, following the current rise in the cases and the ongoing tourism boom. 

Infections are rising in Hawaii, meaning that we might be on the blink of another new wave, mainly driven by reinfections. It appears not to be as intense and devastating as some previous variants/waves like Delta or Omicron, but numbers indicate that things are starting to pick up the pace once again. 

Currently, infections are hovering around 650 a day on the island of Oahu, Hawaii’s most populated island. Nonetheless, specialists are predicting a wave that could hit 4,000 cases a day in Honolulu, the island and state’s largest city. 

The islands have always been one of the most precautious states regarding the pandemic, with locals having a higher than average mask usage, lockdown adhesion, and vaccine rates. However, it is unattainable that cases will not rise eventually, as Hawaii receives ten times more tourists than its population. 

The most delicate matters throughout the pandemic, such as hospitalizations and deaths, are not as worrying as they were. These numbers are at an all-time low since the Omicron variant and the vaccine. On the other hand, the infection rate reached an astonishing number, especially at the beginning of this year, when Omicron swopped the world in infection, but with way less severe symptoms than any other variant. 

This new wave is also likely not to cause many hospitalizations or deaths, as much data has already shown that the high vaccine rate in Hawaii is vital for lower fatalities due to the virus. 

The concern seems to be that numbers may be far higher than reported. After more than two years of the pandemic, things have changed in covid-testing, and now home testing is becoming very common throughout the country. As a result, many positive tests are not being officially reported, worrying specialists about the actual scenario we might be experiencing. Numbers can be far higher, and the community rate transmission might be reaching very high levels. 

This June peak is in line with many events this summer, and all events will move along without restrictions. The summer season is expected to be busy on the islands, as tourism is close to reaching pre-pandemic levels. 

Over-tourism is already a complicated topic on the islands, with locals being wary and worried about the consequences of millions of tourists flocking to the islands during summer.

Thus all incoming tourists should be aware of the situation on the islands as the state struggles with controlling and imposing restrictions on large crowds. 

The worries that shadow the residents extend beyond the regular over-tourism problems, though, as Hawaiians have been worried about a new covid peak being brought on by a massive influx of travelers (many of whom are unvaccinated) during summer.

As recent as last month, Hawaii has extinguished covid 19 as an emergency health risk, meaning that all covid restrictions have been lifted in the islands, including mask usage and social distancing. Health authorities again recommend these measures to slower and sharpen the curve, but things seem much more controlled this time. 

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It’s always trivial to be attentive to all restrictions and measures, especially when traveling, as special advisories may be used in different countries. Hawaii sees a rise in cases, so it’s also utterly respectful to think about the locals and their lives, as tourism can drastically change the way of life, as much to the point where Hawaii is considered the most expansive state in the United States to live. Responsible traveling will not only improve the lives of locals but make your vacation more pleasant.

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