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Hawaii Amongst Most Expensive States For Gas As Prices Hit Record High

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Gas prices have hit record prices at the islands in the wake of post pandemic travel. Honolulu, the Aloha state’s capital, averaged the price for regular lead free gasoline at $5.34 on Thursday indicating a new record was set 18 cents more than the last record earlier this May. 

gas pump in white car

Lihue–situated on the Kauai county recorded the highest gas prices at 5.85 per gallon which is 6 cents more than last week and documents a 37 cents increase compared month over month. The state averages $5.45 per gallon of gas roughly 15% more than the national average at $4.72. 

The memorial day celebrations, of which it was already expected to lead to over tourism last week  in Hawaii, also unofficially marked the beginning of the travel season in Hawaii.  Eventually, the event also concluded with the highest gasoline prices since 2012 In an inflation adjusted world.

fuel pump

The American Automobile Association (AAA) general manager Liane Sumida admits the end of price hike is far from over.  On what is causing the prices for fuel to rise, Sumida say:

pumping the car with gas

To check the current gas prices, you can follow the website Hawaii247, which as of today also predicts rising gas prices. 

According to AAA, the current gas prices at Hawaii is at $5.47, which is a slight increase over a week ago (at $5.44). The price for gas was at a modest $3.95 a year ago. 

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With prices this high and only showing signs of going up, as a consumer of fuel, it’s in your best interest to follow the practices that allow for the smart and efficient use of gasoline. Mobil has a 10 point dossier on how you can achieve a great degree of efficiency, the salient points include: 

  • Keeping tires pumped up 
  • Driving with AC (Despite opening windows in summer may seem an intuitive choice)
  • Maintaining a constant speed 
  • Avoiding to brake aggressively
  • Practicing Predictive Driving 
  • Planning rush hour travel etc. 
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The recent hikes in fuel prices will certainly add an array of problems which are already suffering from problems like rental shortage, careless tourism, gentrification among others. The quality of Hawaii tourism is deteriorating as evidenced by the recent news of three Hawaiian beaches failing to meet the health standard for recreational use

highway in oahu

The state authorities are on work to curb the effects of over tourism with innovative ideas like building a city trail with virtual reality for tourists, launching videos with important information for visitors among other fresh ideas but this does not help if the visitors do not care enough and continue with their irresponsible brand of tourism like when hundreds of tourists still showed up to the Diamond Head despite the authorities doing their best to spread the message that reservations up to 15 days before are required. 

crowded waikiki beach

Now that the travel season seriously heats up and the state braces for a series of events and festivals, a traveler should keep their expectations reasonable, come to the reality of adjusted prices in fuel and living of the post pandemic world and be at their frugal best as Hawaii is also the most expensive US state to live in.

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