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Did You Know 7-Eleven In Hawaii Offers Great Food For Budget Travelers?

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Hawaii has excellent restaurants, and folks often think you must shell out tons of bucks to score a good meal. While that may be true in some cases, in Hawaii, you can just head around the corner to your closest 7-Eleven store and grab meals with up to seven courses that will blow your mind. The great thing is that each delicious morsel will cost you less than $10. This is a great option when you’re traveling to places like Oahu and want to be budget conscious but also taste the island’s food that has a strong influence from Asia.

Deluxe Spam musubi

This blending of cultures has produced some truly fantastic food, and as a traveler, you can buy things like Nori Rolls at the drop of a hat. Depending on where you’re coming from, buying food like that is typically reserved for a night out or a dinner somewhere totally fancy. If traveling to Hawaii this season, make sure you check out the closest 7-Eleven for some great deals. What’s even cooler about 7-Eleven is that the food quality is actually top-notch. You’ll see why locals and travelers both can’t stop eating here.

Nori Rolls

The first thing you have to do is try the warm food aisle. On the mainland, the hotter food aisle is usually filled with taquitos or wings. Still, in Hawaii, the hotter food aisle is filled with things like local-style saimin (noodle soup) and beef pho (meat broth with rice noodles). We don’t know about you, but finding quality pho at a (sometimes) gas station is pretty bizarre. Outside of our astonishment, there are other heavy hot aisle hitters. The 7 pack bento boxes are a favorite because of all the fried pork goodies inside. You can always go right with noodles, and the shrimp pork hash is a delicious treat if you’re looking for something quick and easy. Char siu manapua (meaty buns) comes in cold and hot, but we recommend the hot version if you want to try this ancient Chinese treat. 

Char siu manapua dumplings

Moving over to the cold aisle, you should check out anything from UBAE. Made with purple yams from the Philippines, UBAE products all come in a dark shade of purple. These treats will knock your socks off; you can find them at most island 7-Elevens. If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, you know that the islands are obsessed with Spam, and the 7-Elevens in Hawaii are no exception. The deluxe Spam musubi embodies good Spam and is a favorite item at these (sometimes) gas stations. It’s been raved about by enough residents to convince us that it’s something everyone should check out when visiting the island.


We haven’t forgotten about breakfast, and plenty of good dishes are here. The Ham, Egg & Cheese Sweetbread Sandwich is a regional favorite and a savory and sweet treat to wake you up in the morning. Ensaymadas are butter and cheese brioches from the Balearic Islands. They are commonly found in places like the Philippines due to 300 years of Spanish colonization. It’s the perfect small dish that can be eaten for breakfast or a late-night snack. 

If you’re traveling to any of the Hawaiian islands this year, make sure to check out 7-Eleven; we’re sure you’ll find something you like. It can be anything native to Hawaii or an import that came here long ago from Asia and beyond. If you need more convincing, chat with a local, and they’ll explain how amazing these stores are. Save money and convenience next time you’re traveling in Hawaii.

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