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Canoe Paddler Dies At Hawaii’s Most Popular Beach

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Recently, a canoe paddler drowned in the waters of Waikiki Beach in Honolulu. Tourists and wanderers noticed that he was solo and unconscious just by the coast of the most famous beach in the whole state.

As soon as people noticed, lifeguards were contacted to rescue the apparent unconscious swimmer. Waikiki has lots of lifeguards, as it’s the most crowded beach on the island, so lifeguards did reach the body in a short time.

people canoe paddling in the sea

After rescuing the man from the sea, he was brought to the beachfront, and lifeguards performed CPR on him and tried everything possible to save the man’s life. But unfortunately, after a couple of minutes, he was pronounced dead on the scene. All the rescue was transmitted live by a website that monitors many beaches for surf reports.

canoes in waikiki beach

Canoe paddling has a significantly antique history in Hawaii. The Wa’a (as it’s called in the local language) has been used from the earliest days to transport people from one island to the other, even on the same island, as the rough Hawaiian terrain did not help trespassing by foot. To this day, it is still a well-known attraction to tourists, especially on Waikiki beach, where the incident happened.

honolulu at night

Waikiki alone welcomes, on average, more than 71,000 tourists every day. It is by far the most visited and most popular attraction in the whole state, surrounded by many luxury hotels, edgy restaurants, and the world-famous Diamond Head. This volcanic tuff cone needs a reservation to visit and is best known to embellish Honolulu’s views.

diamond head in the background on waikiki

As a result, many people show up at the beach to canoe paddle into its waters. It may sound like a danger, especially after the incident. But, in fact, Waikiki has its share of issues, as recently, more than 300 people have been swept away into the ocean waters of Waikiki Beach as a result of a sudden strong rip current that flows in the opposite direction of the shore.

crowded waikiki beach

Although it has its dangers, Waikiki is considered a remarkably safe beach overall. No significant death issues happen that often, and it’s usually an isolated case when they do. This picturesque hotspot is known for its calm blue, crystal clear waters. Recently, the west end of Waikiki, Kahanamoku Beach, was ranked as the 5th best beach in the United States by an internationally known specialist called Dr. Beach.

aerial view of waikiki and its surroundings

Not much is known about how this episode happened. He was a solo paddler, so there were no witnesses to clarify what happened. Numerous unforeseen circumstances could have led to the tragic death of this man. What specific event caused the situation is unclear as the sea can be highly unpredictable, and even our bodies, health, and mind. His identity and age are yet unknown, making some questions still to be answered.

sunrise at waikiki beach

What’s more important is to know that, regardless of the beach safety and your preparedness, many unpredictable situations can put your and other people’s lives in danger. Waikiki is a very safe beach, and canoe paddling is a much-practiced activity dating back to Hawaii’s earliest days. Moreover, this tragic and sad event doesn’t mean that people should be scared of it. But this also doesn’t mean that caution should not be taken.

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