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Blue Angels Will Make Free To Watch Flight Performances Over Hawaii This Summer

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US Navy Blue Angels is a flight demonstration squadron of the United States Navy who have taken upon themselves to demonstrate the teamwork and the ruthless professionalism with which the Navy and Marine Corps are known to operate. Public in Hawaii will be able to witness this first hand as their aircrafts will zoom across Hawaiian skies in a free to see event being held on 13th and 14th of August at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. 

blue angels flying

The attendants will be served thrilling aerobatic performances from professional pilots in addition to other military displays. The event will also consist of food, music and other attractions in open air and open house.  

The event, though free of charge for the general public, has tickets if you want to have special seats with a better view and more engrossing experience. The tickets can be bought online at etix – an online ticketing platform. As of today, the event labeled as Kaneohe Bay Air Show is offering two tiered tickets; GRANDSTAND – Bleacher Seating worth $40 and VIP – Top Brass Chalet worth $200. You can visit their Facebook page to stay updated with the event. 

blue angels performance

This will be Navy’s Blue Angels first visit in over 7 years as they make their flights across the Aloha state after 2015. The event was canceled in 2017 because of an unspecified ‘schedule change’ and they were not able to put on their trademark aerobatic shows for their 75th anniversary in 2021. 

The event which was announced back in December of 2020 will have the Angels perform 63 demonstrations at 32 locations. 

US flag waving and blue angels flying

“The mission of the Blue Angels is to showcase the teamwork and professionalism of the United States Navy and Marine Corps by inspiring a culture of excellence and service to country through flight demonstrations and community outreach,”– the Navy said.

These shows show the range and maximum abilities of the aircrafts that demonstrates how far the technology has come and how it can be used to defend the civilians. This will be a feast of aviation spectacle as the closest of the  four-aircraft “diamond”  will fly only 18 inches apart. The fastest speed of these aircraft is 700 MPH “sneak pass” (just under mach 1) and the slowest is 120 MPH. 

blue angels performance in the skies

“This air show and open house is the perfect opportunity for the community to spend time aboard the installation and gain a better understanding of what we do as part of the nation’s premier crisis response force.”– said  Col. Speros C. Koumparakis U.S. Marine Corps. Commanding Officer of the base in Hawaii

The squadron which has been active since 1946 typically performs aerial displays minimum of 60 shows per year. There are 30 locations throughout the United States of which Hawaii is one where you can witness this military fest. 

blue angels in the beach

The event which is hugely popular throughout the country is expected to gather more than 100,000 visitors according to MCBH which is expected to bring an array of problems to the islands already facing the problems of over tourism. The consequences of which are appearing in the form of soaring prices of flight tickets, shortage of rental homes, increasing crime rates on Hawaiian beaches etc. 

blue angels aircrafts in performance

If you are planning to attend this event, plan your accommodation way in advance as there are many new rules in place. Honolulu, for example, is restricting Airbnbs to only 90 days stay and Maui is planning to limit the number of visitors. Also bear in mind, popular places like Diamond Head need advance booking to be able to visit

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