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5 Maui Beach Clean-Ups Travelers Can Take Part In For 2023

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Beaches are one of the most popular destinations when people think of vacationing. Like everything else, it needs love. Maui’s beaches are globally known for their pristine swimmable waters, clean sand, and endless sunshine; what happens when our beautiful beaches need a little T&LC, and no one wants to help? Nothing good, but that’s where you can come in! Yes, we know taking a vacation means relaxing, but helping out can also be part of it since we must keep these incredible beaches safe. According to the Maui Ocean Center Marine Institute, 10 million tons of single-use plastic is dumped in Hawaii’s ocean and beaches. Only 9% of all plastic is recycled. 

Someone doing a beach cleanup.

Here are five different beach cleanups travelers to Maui can take part in. They range from massive organizations existing since the beginning to newer locally-based non-profits perfect for newcomers to the sustainability game. Beach cleanups can be something other than physically demanding, and some places allow you to clean in different ways. They help with plants and fauna that depend on the beach for food and resources. Helping with cleanups makes the beaches pretty. Check out this list of the best five beach cleanups in Maui for you to do in 2023. 

A plastic bottle on the beach.

808 Cleanup 

Created in 2014 and established as a 501(c) (3) non-profit in 2015, 808 Cleanups is a cross-island eco-conscious company that focuses on helping volunteers keep Hawaii’s natural habitats (like its beaches) protected and clean. It’s a great resource if you’re looking to combine volunteerism into your next vacation to Maui. The remarkable thing about this organization is that they will give you a leadership role if you’re interested. This means you can decide which projects or places need the most help and what can be done. It’s great for anyone looking to be more involved in being sustainable or just curious. 

A face mask on the beach.

Blue ‘Aina Reef Cleanup – Trilogy Excursions

Trilogy Excursions is a luxury sailing tour company based in Maui. The last place you would think would organize a beach cleanup. While this might not be a traditional beach cleanup, it does something equally as crucial for reefs. Reefs are known to be damaged by tourists either throwing waste into the ocean or physically damaged by scuba divers and snorkeling. Tickets for the reef cleanup are usually $50 and include a free dive and lunch. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with Maui and its reef and give back in a way that will impact younger generations. 

Someone picking up trash on the beach with a crew.

Mālama Maui Nui

If you’re ever in Maui, you must check Malama Maui Nui. It’s a community-driven organization that tries to clean all of Maui (its lands and beaches) while keeping in mind the indigenous people there before colonization. They have weekly cleanups but check out their website since it might be in flux due to weather and whatnot. Volunteering is free and recommended for foreigners to try out. Here you’ll learn more about Hawaiian culture and what cleanups mean to its people. It’s a great way to embrace authentic culture in a fun and educational way. This would be perfect for families with kids.  

A bag filled with plastic bottles.

Maui Ocean Center

Another excellent beach cleanup organization for kids is the Maui Ocean Center. Registering here is pretty straightforward, and they have general cleanups on their schedule. All you really have to do is pick up their beach cleanup kit (includes a bucket for debris, datasheet, clipboard, pencils, and gloves) and select which beach you want to help clean. It’s an easy process and essential for keeping the environment healthy. It’s a good way of showing the beaches you love them. 

A bird stuck in a plastic can holder.

Hawaiian Paddle Sports

Another company that doubles as a business is Hawaiian Paddle Sports. From the front, you wouldn’t think they would have a beach cleanup program. Still, their Ocean Steward Camp is a fantastic week-long activity showing kids how to respect the beach and ocean. It’s part of their “Mālama Maui” give-back program, and they have tons of other fun activities to give back. Check out the Pacific Cancer Foundation, Paddle For Life program that gives back to cancer research foundations in the area. If you’re looking for a summer camp while you’re vacationing on the island, this would be it.

A child picking up trash on a beach.

If you’re looking to visit Maui sometime soon, make sure to check out these excellent programs. Giving back is one way to keep Maui and its beaches beautiful and healthy for future generations.

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